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Free Mahjong

This is a free online mahjong with unlimited games. The main goal of the Mahjong Solitaire game is to completely disassemble a given figure by removing pairs of identical tiles one by one.

How to play Mahjong?

  1. Remove pairs of tiles

    There are 144 tiles arranged in a 4-layer pattern, facing upward. A tile needs to be opened or revealed to see if it can be shifted to right or left without disturbing the other tiles. Entire tiles should be removed from the board, and the players should eliminate identical tiles. There will be 72 paired tiles, and the player needs to remove all these pairs.
  2. Shuffle the tiles

    Reshuffle the tiles if you run out of tile pairs that need to be removed from the board. You get only five chances for shuffling the tiles in a game.
  3. Сlear the board

    To win the game, you need to completely clear the mahjong board (remove all pairs of tiles). The game is considered lost if the player has exhausted all shuffling possibilities and there are no paired tiles left on the board.

Types of Tiles

The tiles are made up of symbols, circles, bamboo, winds, dragons, seasons and flowers. The tiles to be matched should be likewise, with the exception being flowers and seasons. The combination of season and flowers will be considered a pair if matched according to suit and if there is only one of each tile available.








About Mahjong

Mahjong Solitaire is a one-player logic puzzle game that uses a set of tiles from the classic Asian four-player Mahjong game. Regular playing of Mahjong improves memory, mental clarity and slows down the aging of brain cells.

Free Mahjong
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